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Financial Lawyers

Business Attorney McKinney & Whole Collin County, TXWe have been recognized and honored not just for the quality of our work, but also for the creative approach to obtaining successful results. At the same time, we maximize the benefit to our clients, thus ensuring a healthy return (short-term and long-term) on their investment in our work.

Business Formation and Mergers & Acquisitions Lawyers

The startup of a new business, like the initial phase of any new venture, is a critical moment in time. Handled correctly, business formation can set a business on the path to successful, smooth operations. Knowledgeable guidance and assistance from a business organization law firm is a valuable investment during this important phase of a business.

Business Law & Commercial Litigation

We are a litigation firm with a proven track record. Even the best negotiation approach can’t always produce the results our clients deserve, so we litigate those cases that we need to in the interest of obtaining the best results for our clients. Lawsuits, litigation, & trials are not the objective. Resolution is. If resolution can be achieved in the best interests of our clients without litigation, that’s good. However, if our clients are not being treated fairly and reasonably, then we will escalate it to the next level—whatever it takes to protect our clients. We also realize the importance of confidentiality when dealing with litigation and business. Our attorneys will never go public with cases for publicity. Your confidential communications will always remain so.

Debt Collection Attorneys

When a business or individual is owed money which has not been paid, there are legal remedies available to collect. At Lucé Evans Law, we have experienced attorneys who know the applicable law and have effective strategies in pursuing recovery of money owed.

Education Law

Lucé Evans Law has the ability to meet the unique legal needs of public, private, and parochial secondary schools, colleges, and universities.

Healthcare Lawyers

Our practice concerns the application of federal, state, and local law, rules, and regulations affecting the health care industry, and their application to health care patients, providers, payers, and vendors to the health care industry. Please call for an appointment to discuss your healthcare concerns.

Insurance Attorneys

Our practice of law surrounding insurance includes policies and claims, regulations of the business, laws regarding the content of insurance policies (especially with regard to consumer policies), and claim handling. If you need help with insurance claims, please contact us.

Intellectual Property Lawyers

We help owners of intellectual property to secure and ensure benefits from the property they have created, which in turn encourages innovation and improvements benefiting all. If you need help with intellectual property rights, please contact our firm.

Labor & Employment Lawyers

When workers file claims for employment discrimination, unemployment compensation and workers’ compensation, these claims fall under employment law. Likewise, overseeing workplace safety and standards, fair wages, retirement and pensions, employee benefits, and much more: all are part of this wide-ranging legal area. If you need advice or assistance, please contact our firm.

Real Estate Attorneys

The purchase of real estate requires a significant investment, whether for business/commercial or personal use, and each parcel has unique characteristics, many requiring an understanding of the legal ramifications. If your business requires a real estate attorney to draw contracts, valuate real estate, or facilitate transactions, please contact our firm.

Condemnation Attorneys

Under the law of eminent domain, the government has the right to seize your property. Even though the government may be able to take your land, you still have property rights. The most important is the right to proper representation by a condemnation attorney during eminent domain proceedings.