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McKinney & All Collin County Debt Collection Attorney

When someone owes money to you or your business, a variety of legal options can help you collect on the debt. At Lucé Evans Law, we understand that debt collection can be a difficult and time-consuming process, especially when you are trying to run your business or home. Our experienced collection attorneys are ready to employ their legal experience and knowledge to recover your money.

McKinney Debt Collection Attorney

Our Debt Collection Process

Our collection attorneys carry out detailed investigations, negotiations and collection techniques to recover your money from debtors. We handle each step with the utmost care and use our extensive knowledge of the law to help you. Let our attorneys put their skills to work to secure your money efficiently and legally.

Worried about the cost to you? We take that into consideration as well. In most cases, we are able to not only collect the money you are owed, but also to recover court costs, pre-judgment interest and legal fees. Often, this means little to no cost for our clients.

Experienced Debt Collection Services in North Texas

Whatever your collection matter may be, the Lucé Evans Law team has the resources and experience to help you. We handle accounts of all sizes and volumes, and recognize that past-due accounts do little good to businesses or individuals. We know the sooner you can get the money you are owed, the better, so we are committed to working with you to understand your case and secure a favorable result.

Common Questions About Debt Collection

Our collections attorneys attempt to contact debtors verbally and with a demand letter. After contact, we can arrange a full payment or, if necessary, set up a payment plan. In the case that a debtor refuses to clear an outstanding debt, we can file a lawsuit if it is viable.

Yes. At Lucé Evans Law, we follow federal law to ensure debtors are not harassed. We treat all individuals fairly while pursuing payments.

While there are many approaches to securing payments, there will be occasions where it is not possible. Our attorneys can make legal recommendations regarding a lawsuit’s chance of success, and then proceed if desirable. As a worst-case scenario, you can close the account and pursue an alternative approach.

Debt Collection Lawyers in McKinney and Across North Texas

Don’t let those past-due accounts sit for longer than necessary. When you need collection assistance, contact an attorney at Lucé Evans Law by calling (972) 632-1300 for a free initial consultation. We’re waiting to help.

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