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full service law firm the colonyWhen you are looking for a law firm that can handle a large variety of cases in The Colony, call Lucé Evans Law. We have attorneys that have extensive knowledge and experience regarding a large range of legal issues. We can assist you with business litigation, estate planning, real estate law, family law, labor & employment law, personal injury and wrongful death. We are dedicated advocates for our clients and will always fight for your best interest.

Experienced Attorneys Who Get You Results

When you are dealing with any type of litigation, it can be an incredibly stressful experience. Our team of compassionate lawyers understands the difficulties you are going through. We aim to take some of that burden by providing you with excellent legal representation. We will listen to you, collect evidence, and create an effective legal strategy to get what you deserve. If you are dealing with a Family Law, Business Dispute, or just need to put together a solid Estate Plan, we are more than happy to assist you.

Debt Collection Attorney

If someone owes you or your business money, you have legal options to pursue that debt. We’ll stand by your side and ensure you receive your money in a timely manner.

Probate Litigation Attorney

After a loved one passes, there may be conflicts between trustees, executors, heirs, beneficiaries and third parties. These conflicts often result in contests and formal claims. Someone must determine the outcome, and that someone is your attorney.

Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyer

As your company grows, you’ll likely start looking to merge or acquire smaller businesses in the same field. There are taxes, intellectual property rights, and regulatory issues to consider here. Our attorneys will guide you through the entire process.

Wrongful Death Attorney

In the event of a wrongful death — one of the most devastating situations — dealing with the legal side of the case can be tough. Our wrongful death attorney in The Colony, TX, will be by your side to handle the paperwork and legalities of the situation.

Criminal Law Attorney

If you’re facing criminal charges, finding an attorney you can trust may seem like a challenge. Our legal team is here to meet your needs and find a favorable outcome to your case.

About The Colony TX

The Colony was established in 1969 when developers Fox and Jacobs planned a “dream city” modeled after the city of Dallas and grouped as a “colony.” The Colony is home to the Pizza Inn corporate headquarters. In 2003 construction was completed on the 5 Star Athletic Complex and lead to The Colony being named Sports Illustrated’s 50th Anniversary Sports Town in the United States.

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