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Lucé Evans Law – Lawyers and Attorneys Serving The Colony

At Lucé Evans Law, we provide practical legal solutions to residents of The Colony. Our law firm has assembled a team of gifted and conscientious attorneys covering a cross-section of legal matters. Whether you require advice on Texas criminal law, business and commercial strategies, or estate planning, our full-service law firm can help.

A Texas Law Firm Dedicated to Our Clients in The Colony

Clients in The Colony served by Lucé Evans Law are supported with a wide range of legal services including civil litigation, estate planning, employment law and much more. If you are an individual facing a legal concern, a business operating in sectors like education, financial services, healthcare or a charitable organization, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free legal consultation.

Business Law

Business, commercial and financial law are areas of focus in our practice. We act as strategic partners to many organizations in The Colony and across Denton County. Our attorneys can lay the groundwork for a thriving operation through careful business formation strategies. We also help existing companies to protect themselves with a robust legal framework.

Established businesses always face the possibility of litigation for employment, labor and intellectual property disputes. The sooner you involve our attorneys in your case, the better chance you have of gaining a strategic advantage.


Litigation requires an understanding of the risks a client faces. For our attorneys, while filing a lawsuit won’t be the first course of action for our clients, we will not hesitate to act. We explore all options including arbitration, mediation, tribunals and court litigation.

Some Areas of Focus in Civil Litigation

Criminal Law

Lucé Evans Law represents residents of The Colony facing criminal charges. From the first interaction to the end of a case, our attorneys will be by your side to get the best possible outcome. We conduct detailed investigative work to ensure every angle is covered and your defense is robust and persuasive.

Whether you face a straightforward traffic offense or a complex felony case, you can be assured of close communication – and attorneys that will represent your best interests. Our track record includes a lengthy list of satisfied clients in areas including drug charges, white-collar crimes and weapons offenses.  

Estate Planning and Estate Disputes

If you own a home, a vehicle or have savings, you have an estate. Regardless of your asset portfolio, you need a will to protect the inheritance of your children and/or relatives. Of course, some estates are more complex, and could benefit from a revocable living trust or tax-saving strategy.

At Lucé Evans Law, we will create a unique plan that suits your needs. Our attorneys communicate your options clearly, helping you make decisions that benefit your descendants and protect your assets.

Family Law

Family law can involve difficult issues as families navigate divorce, adoption and child custody. Our attorneys recognize the emotional toll placed on families and work to de-escalate situations for an amicable resolution.

Family Law Services

Additional Practice Areas

Individuals and businesses in The Colony need legal advice across many fields. Here are some additional services we provide.

Dedicated Legal Services for The Colony

The attorneys at Lucé Evans Law are here to offer clear and direct legal advice. For a free legal consultation, call (972) 632-1300 or contact us online.

Request a Free Legal Consultation

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