Business & Family Law Attorney in Little Elm, TX

Little Elm Law Firm Can Assist You With Business Litigation, Real Estate, & Estate Planning

Attorney Little Elm TXLucé Evans Law is a law firm that can help your family or business with a wide range of legal issues including business litigation concerns, estate planning needs, real estate transactions and disputes, family law, labor & employment law, personal injury, and even wrongful death litigation. The Lucé Evans Law team is dedicated to serving Little Elm residents with exceptional legal services. If you need business law services that you can rely on, and attorneys who work day and night for your cause, contact the litigation team at Lucé Evans Law.

Our Business Law Attorneys Provide Commercial Litigation Results

The Lucé Evans Law Firm thrives when trusted with large commercial disputes. Our business law attorneys have years of experience working with commercial developers and manufacturers and know what it takes to win.

You can trust our commercial litigation attorneys at Lucé Evans Law in Little Elm to provide expertise in a variety of business law issues, including outsourcing agreements, service agreements (inbound and outbound), template agreement creation, drafting and review of third-party contracts.

If you would like more information on our commercial litigation team in Little Elm, contact Lucé Evans Law for a free legal consultation today.

A Trusted Real Estate Attorney Little Elm

Some of the biggest investments ever made include the purchase and selling of real estate. The real estate attorneys at Lucé Evans Law are happy to sit down and speak with you regarding the scope of our services. Our real estate team has a sharp focus on acquisition, development, sale contracts, land acquisition and construction. We understand the market and thus have special teams that understand oil and gas in particular. We also provide curative title work, document drafting, and release of liens. We are the real estate law firm you can trust in Little Elm!

Speak with an Estate Planning Attorney in Little Elm

When you want to protect your family and your assets from probate in Little Elm, you need an estate planning attorney. Our estate planning attorneys can assist you in developing customized estate planning techniques to save the most amount of your assets. We can assist you in the creation of wills, revocable living trusts, powers of attorney, trusts, gifting strategies, business succession planning, insurance planning and many other methods. If your loved one died without a valid estate plan, Lucé Evans Law’s probate attorneys can assist you through probate in Little Elm. Lucé Evans Law is here for you during this difficult time. Call us today to speak with us right away.

Compassionate Family Law Attorney Little Elm

Lucé Evans Law Firm has a team of dedicated, compassionate, yet aggressive family law attorneys who understand all aspects of a family law case. Any legal issue that concerns your family can be incredibly stressful and emotional. We assist Little Elm clients with child custody, divorce, child support, paternity, restraining orders, and more. We understand that you may feel alone during this difficult process. Call us today and we can guide you through everything from start to finish.


An Exceptional Divorce Attorney Little Elm, TX

When two people get married, they intend to stay together forever. Unfortunately, more than half of all marriages end up in divorce. The Lucé Evans Law Firm has a stellar reputation for being an exceptional divorce attorney in Little Elm TX. The first step when you are contemplating divorce is to schedule a time to talk about your case with our divorce lawyer in Little Elm. We will discuss each step and how we can assist you. We can then begin filling out the appropriate paperwork to file your divorce or to answer a divorce petition. Give us a call for more information today!

An Assertive Personal Injury Lawyer Little Elm Residents Trust

When you have suffered an injury at the hands of a negligent party, you need a personal injury attorney in Little Elm TX to assist you. The Lucé Evans Law Firm will fight to ensure that you get proper compensation that you deserve to fully heal from your injuries. We use modern technology and timeless attorney know-how to fight the insurance companies to get our clients the money they deserve under the law. We don’t believe in business hours and will always be accessible to you when you need us.

About Little Elm TX

Sitting on over 66 miles of Lewisville Lake, Little Elm showcases a scenic setting with close access to fishing and watersports. Claiming to be one of the fastest-growing counties in the state of Texas exploding from 4,000 residents in 2000 to 22,000 residents in 2010, Little Elm features low-cost housing with local attractions and events such as the Children’s Film Festival.

When you need a dedicated, knowledgeable, and exceptional attorney, you know who to call. Contact Lucé Evans Law today for your free legal consultation today. Call 972-632-1300.