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Business Attorney & Family Law Attorney for Garland, TX

Garland Law Firm Handles Business Litigation, Real Estate & Estate Planning Law

As a full-service law firm for Garland, Lucé Evans Law offers expertise in a wide range of legal issues, including business litigation disputes, estate planning, real estate law, family law, labor & employment law, personal injury law and wrongful death litigation. With years of legal experience, the Lucé Evans Law team is dedicated to serving justice in Garland. If you need business law services that you can rely on, and attorneys who work day and night for your cause, contact the litigation team at Lucé Evans Law.

Business Law Attorneys Deliver Effective Commercial Litigation Results

Lucé Evans Law firm enthusiastically represents insurance companies, residential or commercial construction companies, real estate developers, contractors and manufacturers in Garland. Our business law attorneys can handle every issue your business may face.

Commercial litigation attorneys at Lucé Evans Law in Garland offer expertise in a variety of business law issues, including:

  • Outsourcing agreements
  • In-bound and out-bound service agreements
  • Constructing template agreements for consistent third-party engagements
  • Drafting and reviewing third party agreements

For even more information on resolving business law issues and commercial litigation needs in Garland, contact Lucé Evans Law for a free legal consultation today.

Real Estate Attorney in Garland

The real estate attorneys at Lucé Evans Law are experts in real estate legal issues in Garland. Our qualified litigation team focuses on acquisition, construction and development, contracts of sale, leases, land acquisition and development. We also have real estate legal experts who target issues related to oil and gas, curative title work, document drafting, release of liens and many other relative real estate concerns to Garland clientele.

Estate Planning Attorney in Garland

A legal cornerstone to our practice, estate planning and probate in Garland is a specialty that’s close to our hearts. Speak with one of our estate planning attorneys about available estate planning techniques, which include wills, revocable living trusts, powers of attorney, trusts, gifting strategies, business succession planning, insurance planning and many others. Lucé Evans Law’s probate attorneys will also help comprehension of the probate system and probate cases in Garland. Lucé Evans Law is glad to answer your questions, so meet with an estate planning attorney or probate attorney to schedule a free initial legal consultation.

Family Law Attorney in Garland

Lucé Evans Law Firm understands the need for personal and professional support during family law litigation, and thus offers family law attorneys who have years of experience to assist your decision-making and expand your understanding of family law legal issues.

Our highly qualified, skilled family law attorneys help with family law matters in Garland, including:

We know that family law issues are sensitive, and our family law attorneys and divorce attorneys are here to guide you through the process so that you never feel alone.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Garland

Suffering from a personal injury is difficult enough, but there can also be medical bills, lost wages and more. But you don’t have to live in debt and fear when you have the most aggressive personal injury attorney in Garland, TX, on your side. The legal experts at Lucé Evans Law will fight to ensure you the best settlement under law.

When you count on Lucé Evans Law, you not only have an aggressive personal injury lawyer, you have state-of-the-art technology helping win your case. Our personal injury law firm builds a compelling argument illustrated by award winning technicians, programmers and artists. We employ these multimedia programs in depositions, trials and press conferences to drive your claim home.

Further, Lucé Evans Law doesn’t know the meaning of “standard business hours.” When Joe Lucé and his team are on the job, they focus only on your case and your best interests. Even if it means working nights and weekends, Joe Lucé will fight to see you get the personal injury settlement you deserve.

Business Litigation Attorney

As a business owner, you’ll ultimately face a dispute of some kind. Having a business litigation attorney on your side will ensure you find a favorable outcome and keep your business running smoothly.

Sex Crimes Attorney

If you are accused of a sex crime, even if you are innocent, you need someone to fight for your name and rights. An experienced attorney from our legal team will fight for your best interests.

Personal Injury Attorney

Dealing with a personal injury in Garland, TX, is tough. You’ve got medical bills piling up and you can’t work for a time. Someone owes you compensation for your injuries, and we’ll ensure you receive the proper amount for the damages.

Patent & Intellectual Property Attorney

Holding on to your intellectual property or a patent is important. It’s a valuable asset to you and to your company. Our legal team will protect your brand and intellectual property through thick and thin in the coming days or years.

Estate Planning Attorney

As you grow older, you realize that estate planning is an important step in your journey. You can rest easy knowing our attorneys will ensure your estate is settled and distributed based on your wishes.

About Garland, TX

Rated one of the “Top 100 Places to Live in 2008” by Money Magazine, Garland, TX, offers unique amenities such as the DART rail, the Kansas City Southern track, Hawaiian Falls water park, and Firewheel Town Center. Garland’s close proximity to Lake Ray Hubbard makes the city a popular locale for visitors looking for fun in the water and sun.

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