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Lucé Evans Law – Trusted Attorneys Representing Farmers Branch Residents

At Lucé Evans Law, we have a long history of providing dedicated advocacy to the people of Farmers Branch. Each of our attorneys has been educated and prepared to meet the high standards our clients expect. For an individual or business facing a legal challenge, this means you trust our legal team will operate with commitment, integrity and precision.

Committed and Results-Driven Law Firm Serving Farmers Branch

No matter how large or small the legal matter, when you become a client of Lucé Evans Law, we work hard to provide a satisfying experience. Our attorneys have backgrounds in areas such as family law resolution, mergers and acquisitions, criminal charges and civil litigation.

Business, Commercial and Financial Law

Are you looking for a legal firm to minimize your risk of liability and develop a structure to help strengthen your business? Lucé Evans Law has experience across the many sectors of business and commercial law. We can draft contracts, help with business purchases, assist with debt collection litigation – and even with business entity formation.

Our attorneys work across various industries and sectors including insurance, education, healthcare and real estate. We take time to understand your particular business requirements to deliver the legal strategy that is needed.

Litigation Services

Strategy is an essential element of litigation, whether you are getting ready to file a claim or prepare a defense. While some cases go to court, many are settled through negotiation, mediation or arbitration. At Lucé Evans Law, we prepare for all eventualities to secure a resolution that favors our clients.

Whether your business is involved in civil litigation or it is you personally, our attorneys understand the need for close cooperation and discretion. We are experienced in complex financial and contractual disputes that occur in the commercial sector. Equally, personal cases involving such issues as non-competes or employment discrimination require sensitivity to guide you through often stressful situations.

Criminal Law

Clients of Lucé Evans Law may find themselves unexpectedly facing daunting criminal charges. With these charges can come serious consequences, including imprisonment. At such a difficult time, you need a skilled legal team to guide you through the complex legal system.

Some Criminal Law Services We Provide

Estate Planning and Estate Dispute Services

At Lucé Evans Law, we can guide you through every stage of a comprehensive estate plan. If your assets are not in order, we can craft a will or trust to protect your family from future disputes.

We also represent clients in the case of breaches of fiduciary duty or undue influence. If a will needs to be contested, our attorneys move quickly to protect your inheritance and settle the estate dispute.

Family Law

Lucé Evans Law handles cases in the field of family and matrimonial law. Families in Farmers Branch want fast and affordable resolutions to difficult family issues like divorce, paternity and child custody. Our family lawyers are experienced in successful negotiation, arbitration, or when agreements cannot be reached, court cases.

Areas of Family Law

Additional Practice Areas

As a full-service law firm, we represent the residents and businesses in Farmers Branch in many other legal practice areas. This includes the following.

Our Full-Service Law Firm Serves the Community of Farmers Branch

At Lucé Evans Law, we pride ourselves on our ability to listen to clients and communicate the most effective legal strategies. If you have a legal concern of any type, contact us to discuss how we can help by calling (972) 632-1300, or contact us online for a free legal consultation.

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