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Lucé Evans Law – Full-Service Legal Practice Serving Coppell

At Lucé Evans Law, we recognize the best results are gained from building close, long-term relationships with our clients. Our attorneys take pride in the success of our clients across all areas of the law.

Top-Rated Legal Counsel for Citizens of Coppell

Using a multi-disciplinary approach, our team advises on a range of complex legal issues. From mediating an emotional family law case to tackling difficult criminal law proceedings, you can be assured of the same high standards and dedication to achieving the best possible legal outcomes.

Business and Commercial Law

Businesses in Coppell will benefit from obtaining strategic legal assistance. From instituting a solid business foundation for new startups to ensuring adherence to state labor and employment regulations, Lucé Evans Law will protect your interests. We can support you as your organization grows, and protect you through difficult legal challenges.

Areas of Focus in Business Law

Litigation Attorneys

Experience and preparation are critical factors in a successful litigation. Our attorneys have represented individuals and businesses in Coppell and across Dallas County, preparing diligently for negotiation or trial. Our ability to anticipate challenges and potential obstacles ensures our clients frequently have their expectations surpassed.

Whether you face issues with breach of contract, regulatory compliance, property disputes or non-disclosure, we prepare with the same attention to detail. After carefully considering your position and goals, our attorneys will recommend a course of action that is both economical and pragmatic.

Criminal Law Attorneys

If you or someone you know is facing the possibility of a heavy fine or incarceration, you need a criminal law attorney with a clear-sighted understanding of Texas law. At Lucé Evans Law, we represent clients accused of DWI, assault, drug charges, sex crimes, parole violations and more. In a time-sensitive criminal law case, we can represent you.

Additional Criminal Law Services

Estate Planning and Estate Disputes

An estate planning lawyer will help individuals make informed decisions about the future of their assets. At Lucé Evans Law, we offer peace of mind through a comprehensive estate plan. Our custom solutions will protect your loved ones from extended probate, heavy tax burdens – and from unnecessary worry at a difficult time.

We can document your assets and create the perfect structure to secure the future of your family. Whether you require a will, trust or other solution, our estate planning attorneys are available to discuss your options.

Family Law Attorneys

Our experience in the field of family law means we bring both compassion and determination to every case. We have represented Coppell families in cases including alimony, prenuptial agreements, visitation rights and property disputes.

You can be assured we will be sensitive to your situation while providing a realistic and honest assessment of your rights. Family law is challenging, but our attorneys will develop a solid approach to reach your desired conclusion.

Additional Practice Areas

At Lucé Evans Law, we are not limited to a single practice area. If you have a legal matter across almost any sphere of the legal world, our attorneys can offer guidance. Some additional practice areas are as follows.

Delivering Legal Advice to the People of Coppell

Our attorneys are committed to providing legal advice to the people and organizations in Coppell, Texas. Call Lucé Evans Law at (972) 632-1300 or contact us online for a free legal consultation.

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