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McKinney Condemnation Law Firm

Lucé Evans Law provides legal advice and real estate law representation to property owners in condemnation and eminent domain cases. If you are a property owner in McKinney or across Collin County, we can help secure fair compensation when the state or federal government is forcing a sale. Contact us for a free legal consultation today.

Condemnation legal firm in McKinney.

What Is Eminent Domain and Condemnation?

Eminent domain is the power held by the government to take private property for public use with a compensation payment. In some cases, this right can also be used by private companies when the forced sale is for public use. Condemnation refers to the legal process used to take private property using eminent domain powers.

Why Do I Need a Texas Condemnation Attorney?

With a rising population and the need for new infrastructure projects, many Texas residents find their land is required for buildings, pipelines, highways, power stations and other projects. Regrettably, the compensation offered may be substantially lower than equivalent real estate value. At Lucé Evans Law, our condemnation attorneys can protect your property and secure fair compensation for your land.

An Overview of the Condemnation Process

It is naturally overwhelming when the government or another entity attempts to take your property. While eminent domain does enable the acquisition of private property in certain cases, the process can feel unfair. At Lucé Evans Law, our condemnation attorneys help determine whether the public entity has met the requirements of state or federal law in taking your property.

We can also advise whether the appraisal process has adequately valued your land. In many cases, the compensation falls far below fair value, and we can proceed with litigation. Our attorneys are knowledgeable and effective during any mediation process – and have a track record of success in court cases.

Some of the reasons for taking private land include the following:

  • Highways
  • Parks
  • Military bases
  • Public buildings
  • Power lines
  • Pipelines
  • Public airports

If eminent domain is being used for purposes that do not meet public use or if the compensation is unfair, contact our real estate litigation attorneys today.

Common Questions About Condemnation Law

Yes. You are entitled to decline the first offer for your property. Contact our attorneys and we can help negotiate a fair settlement without the need for lawsuits.

It may be possible, depending on the public authority and their reasons for taking the property. However, if all legal processes are correctly followed, focusing on increasing compensation will be more effective.

Yes. If the government has taken your property without completing the appropriate processes, we can file a lawsuit on your behalf.

Condemnation Law Firm Serving McKinney and Across Texas

Lucé Evans Law represents property owners in condemnation cases. If you have been offered inadequate compensation, our condemnation lawyers will work tirelessly to protect your rights. For a free legal consultation, contact us at (972) 632-1300 or request a free legal consultation online.

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