mackenzie luceMackenzie Luce – Legal Clerk

You may have noticed a “new face” that has joined Sweeet 200—photo attached for those that have not yet met her. We are very pleased to WELCOME ABOARD the good ship Sweeet 200: MACKENZIE CHRISTIAN LUCE. She will be working with her Dad(aka Ponce), with Lucé Law as a Legal Clerk, and will provide support up front handling phones, clients, etc.

Born in Plano in 1994, Mackenzie is the daughter of our Chris“Topher” Luce and Leslie Luce, and she is older sister to young brother Jagger “Spongebob”(most of you have probably met Jag; just be sure to guard your nose….)

EDUCATION: Mackenzie is a graduate of Prestonwood Christian Academy(where Leslie teaches).

In her first semester of college this past Fall, she studied International Relations at Franklin College in Switzerland. She has now visited no less than 10 European colleges and has the “best” excuse for missing class: “Well, it started off as a morning jog in Switzerland…and ended up in Italy.”

Thassa nice a jog.

COLLEGE PLANS: In addition to working here, she will also be taking classes at Collin College and plans to transfer to Texas A&M this Fall(Alan’s alma mater).

CAREER OBJECTIVE: Her continued goal is to become a lawyer. Hence, her current legal clerk and future legal intern opportunities here will give her an insight not only into practicing the law, but also into law office operations. (As only a freshman, in a few years, can you imagine what her law school application will contain….) As for her legal interests, one of her passions is to work with thru her study of law is the abolition of the sex trafficking industry.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Due to the scope of this intro, we have to limit her accomplishments. Why? Because there are soooo many.

  • 2 year HS Mock Trial Team
  • In her Senior year, she was a member of the team that was crowned THE Texas State Champions (from all high schools) and advanced to the National Competition in NM(Val’s stomping grounds).
  • Also awarded the Most Outstanding Advocate in the State Competition(legend has it she wins most arguments at home w Pa & Ma).
  • 4 years Varsity Volleyball—yes, she used that height to her advantage
  • 4 years elected to Homecoming court
  • 4 years Natl. Honor Society
  • 2 years High School Class President
  • 2 years High school bible study group leader
  • 2 years editor in chief of school newspaper Awarded TAPPS State Champion for best newspaper in Texas her Senior year
  • Shares something in common with all other attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants at Lucé Law: she too is now officially certified as a graduate of the “LL TX State Bill 300 CLE for 2013-14”.

ENJOYS: white tulips, hiking, and having a good time with friends & family. And if she is ever MIA, check Barnes and Noble first.

AS FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY, SHE WRITES: “I am looking forward to learning new things, getting to know you all, and of course, keeping Uncle Joey in line.”


  • Movie: A few Good Men, A Walk to Remember
  • Book: Biographies, To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Last Book Read: Dangerous Calling
  • Food: Italian (Thassa good a niece)
  • Name of her Car: Sir Fitzwilliam Darcy aka “Fitz”(don’t ask me; I simply report; you decide)
  • TV Show: Friends
  • Website:
  • Brother: Jagger(on “most” days)
  • Music: Ben Rector, Michael Buble, country.
  • Verse: Gallations 5:1
  • Celebrity Crush: Tim Tebow(So, what if Mackenzie was dating Tim & he played in the BCS Championship game which was announced by Brent Musburger….)
  • Quote: “Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game.”
  • Candy: Big Hunk, Toffee
  • Philanthropic Organizations: International Justice Mission,
  • Aunt: all her aunts are very coooool. (But of course, Aunt Jill rules. Attorney-client privilege invoked).
  • Uncle: jury still out


She will be a welcome addition & blessing to our office. Her wonderful smile lights up a room. It’s been a genuine pleasure watching her grow up into the wonderful, gracious, and very special young lady she has become. An engaging personality, genuine spirit, and great sense of humor. The legal profession will be fortunate to have someone like her. And as for those adversaries/lawyers “on the other side” of any case she’s handling…watch out…be warned now….”Fugetta boud it”.