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Insurance Claims Lawyer Serving McKinney & All Collin County

The Lucé Evans Law firm provides legal defense for insurance companies against bad faith claims brought upon them by their policyholders. Our insurance law attorneys also defend the insurance company’s interests related to policyholder claims.McKinney Insurance Litigation Lawyer

Insurance Litigation – Bad Faith Claims

We have represented many companies like yours and have successfully defended insurance companies against false or excessive claims. Your insurance law attorney is highly skilled in navigating difficult policies and complex claims.

Claims Litigation Areas

Bad Faith Insurance Claims

Bad faith insurance claims can be incredibly damaging to an insurance company if the claimant’s lawsuit is favored in court. Should that happen, the claimant is owed restitution for any damages received. Further, there is no one law regarding bad faith. Rather it’s simply stated that an insurer is to act in good faith. That is, find ways to honor the insurance claim and pay in a timely manner. Should your insurance company find itself facing a bad faith insurance claim, it is wise to consult an insurance litigation attorney from Lucé Evans Law.

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