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Contract Violations and Disputes Litigation Attorney in Collin County

At Lucé Evans Law, our McKinney-based attorneys help individuals and businesses in contract dispute lawsuits. When two parties enter into a contract, it is expected that the terms of the contract will be honored. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen for various reasons and litigation may be required. Our experienced attorneys represent clients who are facing or are accused of a contract violation, working diligently to find a successful resolution.

Contract violations in McKinney

Contract Law Litigation Attorneys Serving North Texas

A contract violation can occur under many circumstances. It may be that a party breaches the contract and is unaware of doing anything wrong, or the breach may be deliberate. In many circumstances, contracts were poorly drafted to begin with. In such cases they can lead to a dispute that cannot be resolved without litigation. Or there may be unexpected changes, such as supply chain issues, that could impact a business’ ability to uphold the contract. Our attorneys can take the necessary steps to protect your interests in both of these circumstances.

Examples of Contract Disputes in Texas

  • Breach of contract – the legally enforceable obligations of a contract were not undertaken.
  • Partnership contracts – disputes between business partners over critical company operations.
  • Employment contracts – a dispute between an employer and employee over contract termination, compensation and other factors.
  • Consumer contracts – disputes over warranties, manufacturer obligations and related issues.
  • Property lease disputescivil litigation may be required between property owners and tenants or businesses renting a commercial space.

To avoid contract violations, the best approach is to work proactively with attorneys in drafting and reviewing legally binding contracts before any agreement has commenced. However, if a contract is already in place or if a dispute has arisen, the attorneys at Lucé Evans Law can guide you through the contract violatons litigation process. We work with individuals and companies to enforce contracts, negotiate the best settlement from a dispute, or litigate in a courtroom when necessary.

Common Questions About Contract Violations Litigation

Some common defenses or reasons why an attorney may advise against a lawsuit could include vague or enforceable terms, undue influence, or lack of capacity to enter into a contract.

The amount of damages will vary for each case. Some contract litigation suits between employers and employees or partners are complex. Our attorneys can help determine the level of damages you should pursue.

Yes. Verbal contracts are legally binding in Texas under certain circumstances. If two parties have a valid contract that was agreed upon verbally and one party fails to fulfill their obligations, it may be possible to litigate. Our contract law attorneys can advise further after reviewing the details of the case.

Litigation Attorneys for Contract Violations in McKinney

Lucé Evans Law provides legal assistance for contract violations, business law, real estate disputes and much more. Our attorneys can provide advice and representation for legal cases in McKinney and across North Texas. For assistance, call (972) 632-1300  or request a free legal consultation now.

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