Drug Charges Attorney Serving McKinney & All Collin County

drug charges attorney mckinney & whole collin county, txThe “War on Drugs” has become one of the worst failures in United States history. Drug addiction is a serious disease that has repeatedly been treated as a crime instead of a condition. Drug offenses carry some of the heaviest criminal penalties aside from violent crimes. As such, if you have been convicted of a drug crime, you need zealous, aggressive representation to assert your constitutional rights. Lucé Evans Law has a team of experienced criminal defense attorneys ready to assist you. If you have been arrested, call our office and we can get started right away.

Drug Possession

One of the most common crimes committed in McKinney and Collin County is drug possession. Drug addiction is a terrible and dangerous health condition that requires compassion and rehabilitative assistance, not punishment. Lucé Evans Law will work hard to get you the help you need while minimizing the legal impact of your charge.

Drug Trafficking

If you have been accused of drug trafficking, you need to hire an attorney right away. Drug trafficking offenses are incredibly serious and can result in decades in prison. If you are questioned, it is important that you only state that you wish to have your attorney present. By saying “I want an attorney,” the police have to cease all interrogation of you and let you contact your attorney. Once contacted, the team at Lucé Evans Law can get started on assisting you in your drug trafficking case.

Drug Smuggling

Desperate people do desperate things. Drug dealers and traffickers often recruit the young, the poor, and the addicted to do their drug smuggling. Unfortunately, these individuals are repeatedly taken advantage of because of their circumstances. Stop being a victim and assert your rights by hiring an attorney. The Lucé Evans Law firm can help you through this difficult situation.

Drug Possession with Intent to Distribute

Because of the high price of certain drugs on the black market, selling drugs is one of the only ways addicts can make enough money to support their habit. Sometimes addicts are carrying large amounts but have no intent to distribute and get charged anyway. You need an attorney who understands the criminal justice system and all the tricks it attempts to play on the unsuspecting population.

If you have been charged or arrested on a drug offense, tell the police you want your attorney present. Contact or Call Lucé Evans Law at 972-632-1300 and let us handle the rest.