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General Practice Attorney McKinney TXCivil Litigation Attorney

Our combined experience in civil litigation encompasses some great wins for our clients—on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants. Whether yours is a business injury or a personal one, our firm has the experience to handle your needs whether it is pre-suit, mediation, arbitration or in the courtroom. We believe that the justice system should be accessible to everyone, regardless of income. That is why we are happy to advance filing fees, offer free advice, and spend the time necessary with our clients to provide them with proper assistance. If someone has wronged you, assert your rights and get legal advice from an experienced civil litigation attorney.


Estate Planning

Estate Planning is not a sideline practice for the Lucé Evans Law firm — it is one of the cornerstones of our practice. Effective planning is a process that goes far beyond the production of documents. If you own assets or have children, there is no better time to create an estate plan. Our attorneys are there to assist you in every step of the estate planning process.


Personal Injury Attorney

Unfortunately, life isn’t always fair and bad things happen to good people. Accidents happen to all of us regardless of age or gender, but in virtually all cases, they were caused by the preventable negligence of some other party. Our outstanding litigation team emphasizes peace of mind and full, realistic recoveries in our areas of practice. We believe that when someone has wronged someone else, they need to take full responsibility.



Probate is a mystery to most of the public, but it doesn’t have to be with an experienced probate attorney. In its most basic terms, probate is the process of transferring the property and belongings of a person who has died to their heirs. Despite what you may have heard, probate does not need to be lengthy, expensive or complicated.


Wills & Trusts

The most basic level of estate planning is the last will and testament. No matter if you’re single with few assets or have a high net worth, a will is necessary to better ensure your wishes are met. While probate in Texas is less complicated than in other states, it is still ideal to avoid that process altogether.

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Wrongful Death Attorney

Losing a loved one is never easy. Aside from emotional turmoil, there are also financial injuries that must be redressed. Our law firm will handle your case with care and sensitivity while fighting to see justice served. We are there to listen and provide you with the assistance you need to move forward.