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adoption attorney mckinney & whole collin county txThe process of adoption is complex and often difficult to navigate. It is crucial to speak to an attorney who is well versed in adoption law. Our attorneys strive to make a difference in our client’s lives and nothing is more rewarding than assisting families with adoption. An attorney will be able to guide you through the adoption process and assist with the crucial step in adoption: the home study. The home study may include a number of visits from a caseworker as well as divulging your financial history, submitting to a criminal background check, and disclosing your physical health history. The length of the home study can vary widely based upon:

  • Type of Adoption
  • Rules & Regulations
  • Adoption Agency Staff
  • General Availability 

Family Law Attorney Free Consultation

Often, when someone mentions family law, most people think about divorce and child custody. However, family law is actually much more broad area of law. Attempting to navigate a divorce, child support, or adoption is daunting. Until now, that is.

At the Lucé Evans Law, we’ve worked with countless families looking to adopt a child into their lives. The paperwork involved with an adoption is confusing enough. The regulations, too. It’s all so overwhelming. Our experienced attorneys have navigated this field for decades. We know the intricacies of adoption and how to move through the process smoothly. During your free consultation, we’ll discuss your goals and how to achieve them. By working together, we’ll find a child to join your loving family. During your consultation, we urge you to ask whatever questions pop into your mind. This is an open discussion, after all!

Adoption Finalization

Once you have completed pre-adoption education and the home study, it’s time for finalizing the adoption. This is the point where legal counsel is generally most needed. At this time, the judge will either approve or disapprove the adoption petition. Should the petition be approved, there are other considerations such as amending the birth certificate and name change(s). Your adoption attorney at Lucé Evans Law will help make this process, and all that legally entails, as seamless as possible as you transition to parenthood.

How Do I Begin the Adoption Process?

One would think it would be simple to adopt a child into a loving, stable home. In reality, adoption is an extremely complicated process. There are legal matters and paperwork to consider. To start the process, hire a professional family law attorney with past adoption case experience. They can help you fill out the right paperwork and get things moving. You should also research as much as possible, and network with other adoptive parents.

Once you’ve filed the right paperwork with the agency, you’ll be put on the adoption list and will enter a waiting period. This waiting period typically consists of background checks, further paperwork and legal documentation, and financial backings. Adoption can be costly. You may be looking at costs upwards of $20,000. Some adoptions take mere months, while others could take years. The length can vary significantly depending on the situation.

Should you be considering or in the process of adoption, contact an attorney for your free initial legal consultation. 972-632-1300