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McKinney Real Estate Inheritance Law Firm

Lucé Evans Law provides legal advice and representation in cases involving real estate inheritance law. Our Collin County attorneys work to resolve estate disputes with the utmost diligence, sensitivity and discretion. If you are a beneficiary facing a legal challenge or have been unfairly left out of a will, our attorneys can protect your legal rights.

McKinney Real Estate Inheritance Attorney

Real Estate Inheritance Services

Real estate is usually the most substantial asset inherited by beneficiaries after death. Unfortunately, many Collin County families find themselves involved in complex estate disputes during a time of great stress. At Lucé Evans Law, our attorneys are dedicated to settling property inheritance disputes and finding swift resolutions.

Common Real Estate Inheritance Disputes

There are many reasons for real estate inheritance disputes, often leading to costly and time-consuming probate litigation. Here are some of the common disputes.

  • A relative dies without leaving a will
  • A will was made with undue influence
  • The will was poorly drafted or executed
    The deceased party lacked the necessary mental capacity
  • A second will is discovered
  • Sibling disputes over asset distribution
  • Disputes regarding the sale of the real estate

Each of these disputes has the potential to cause unnecessary delays and distress at a very difficult time for a family. Where there are multiple competing interests around a substantial asset, experienced legal representation is required to scrutinize the legitimacy of the will and its various claims.

Our Attorneys Resolve Real Estate Inheritance Disputes

At Lucé Evans Law, our attorneys can work towards a successful resolution before the probate opens, or after the probate process has begun. To reach a courteous agreement, mediation is one way to find a compromise. However, where no resolution can be found, the case will go to court and be decided on by a judge. In all circumstances, our attorneys will work diligently for a fair outcome.

Common Questions About Real Estate Inheritance

During a real estate inheritance dispute, a sibling could file a suit to force the sale of a property. The court decides on a fair market value, and the other party has the option to buy out the remaining share.

If another will does not exist, you can file a petition with the court requesting they decide how the estate should be divided. This is called an intestate probate proceeding.

In most cases, the will can be contested up to two years after entering probate. Sometimes the period to contest a will is much shorter. A consultation with an attorney will determine the statute of limitations and whether there are grounds for contesting a will.

Real Estate Inheritance Attorneys Covering North Texas

Lucé Evans Law provides advice and representation for legal matters including real estate inheritance, estate planning, probate and family law. If you require assistance with a legal issue, contact us for a free legal consultation. Call (972) 632-1300 or request a free legal consultation.

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