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Grand Jury Representation for McKinney & All Collin County

If you are being indicted by a grand jury, you need the right type of aggressive representation to assist you. A grand jury is a formal process to decide if there is probable cause an individual committed a crime. A jury will listen to the facts of a case and then determine if probable cause exists. The purpose of a grand jury is to prevent unnecessary trials and leave the court systems open for cases that require a full trial to determine innocence or guilt. The attorneys at Lucé Evans Law can assist you through the grand jury process and fight for your rights. Give our office a call today to discuss the facts of your case.

McKinney Grand Jury Representation Attorney

Business Fraud and Theft

If you are being accused of committing fraud against customers or businesses, you need immediate legal assistance. Theft and fraud are serious charges that can lead to serious prison time. You need experienced counsel on how to navigate your charges and get you the best result possible.

Business Opportunity Fraud, Including Telemarketing Fraud

It is often said that if an opportunity seems too good to be true, it often is. Opportunity and telemarketing fraud crimes have been soaring in recent years. With the depressed economy and growing elderly population, there are more opportunities for people to take advantage. If you are accused of business opportunity fraud including telemarketing fraud, you need an attorney who truly understands the system inside out.

Computer-Based Fraud and Internet Crimes

Just about everyone has a computer and access to the Internet. This gives criminals massive opportunity to steal personal and financial information from just about everyone. Many times, criminals will mask themselves as an innocent user, leading to arrests of innocent people who happened to have their IP address stolen. Authorities are cracking down on technology-based crimes and casting a wide net. Far too many individuals who are not guilty are being accused of crimes they did not commit.  If you are accused of an Internet-based computer crime, contact us.

Medicaid, Medicare, & Social Security Fraud

There are certain social benefits many people rely on to live day-to-day. While the vast majority of people are properly using these government benefits, there are some who are taking advantage of the system. Authorities are quick to point the finger as a way of saving government money, but too many innocent people are caught in the middle. If you have been accused of Medicaid, Medicare, or Social Security fraud, call our office.

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