Expert Residential & Commercial Real Estate Attorney McKinney & Whole Collin County TX

Real Estate Attorney McKinney & Whole Collin County TX

Mistakes or disputes involving real estate can be costly, frustrating and time-consuming. When you need expert advice, representation or other legal services, count on a commercial or residential real estate lawyer from Lucé Law. Our Texas-focused legal team has extensive experience in facilitating various transactions and aiding clients in dispute resolution. If you are looking for a estate planning attorney or foreclosure attorney, Lucé Law is more than happy to assist you as well.

Commercial or Residential Real Estate Lawyer Services

At Lucé Law, our business attorneys will ensure that your residential and commercial real estate transactions are completed in a timely and legally compliant manner. We are prepared to provide expert legal advice and service in all of the following areas:

  • Creation of leases, contracts of sale, deeds, deeds of trust, notes and liens
  • Survey or negotiation of leases and contracts of sale
  • Acquisition, development and construction of land or property
  • Title work, due diligence and survey reviews
  • Establishment of holding companies

Our attorneys offer special expertise in helping Texas oil companies handle regulations and other challenges associated with purchasing, developing and using real estate. We also partner with businesses in many other industries.

Address Disputes With a Commercial or Residential Real Estate Lawyer

Real estate disputes can arise at almost any stage of real estate acquisition, development or use. You may experience conflicts over market sale or lease value, title ownership, property occupancy and use, reimbursement of associated expenses, land use and more. A lawyer from our firm can help you understand your options and determine whether litigation is advisable.

No matter what your dispute involves, our attorneys are dedicated to helping each client reach the most favorable outcome possible. We will work hard to help you defend your rights, finances, and reputation through litigation or other means.

Estate Planning Attorney

While estate planning is not something most people want to think about, it is incredibly beneficial to those you leave behind. When you have a plan for after your passing, it can provide a straight-forward guide to ensuring your wishes are carried out properly. Asset distribution can be incredibly complex and therefore you need an experienced estate planning attorney to help you out. Lucé Law has the knowledge and expertise to assist you in all facets of your estate planning. Give us a call today.

Foreclosure Attorney

Losing your home can be absolutely devastating. You may feel lost or hopeless in your current financial situation. You do have options, and the foreclosure attorneys at Lucé Law can assist you. There are circumstances in which you can avoid foreclosure, or at least give you more time to access the proper resources you need. Don’t wait, contact the foreclosure attorneys at Lucé Law and get started on getting your life back on track.

Call Our Commercial and Residential Real Estate Lawyers

Lucé Law attorneys can help you solve all of your legal challenges. If you need advice, assistance, or representation, our team is here and ready to assist you. Contact us today at 972-632-1300 to make an appointment for a complimentary consultation.