When Will My Divorce Be Final?

DivorceMarriage Annulment Attorney can be a grueling process that involves a lot of time and patience. Most couples just want their divorce to be final as soon as possible so they can move on with their lives. While you would think that the timeline for a divorce would be very straight forward, there may be facts in your case that could cause you to wait a bit longer for your divorce to be final.

General Waiting Period

For most couples, you must wait 61 days from the day that you filed for divorce for it to be final. You can always choose to wait longer than that, but it can be done no quicker than 61 days. To determine the exact date, look at when you filed your Original Petition for Divorce and count out 61 days from that posted date.

Waiting Period Exceptions

The waiting period can be waived in cases of domestic violence if there is an active Protective Order against the other spouse. If your spouse committed an act of violence during your marriage and has received deferred adjudication or conviction, you can waive the 61-day wait.

Why Have a Waiting Period?

Many people wonder, why there is a waiting period at all? It seems more like an inconvenience that is designed to frustrate couples wanting to move forward with their life. Waiting periods are designed as a cooling off period that allows each spouse to take time and consider whether they would like to reconcile. The court would not like couples to use court resources every time they have a fight.

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