What You Should Know About Family Law Proceedings

Family Law ProceedingsWhen you are going through a family law issue, things can get incredibly stressful. No one envisions themselves inside the walls of a family court, but when you are there, you want to be prepared. Lucé Law wants our clients to feel comfortable and understand the overall process of family law proceedings. If you have any questions about how proceedings will go in your particular case, speak with your family law attorney.

Court Proceeding Dress & Behavior

When you are inside the courtroom for your family law case, you need to be respectful. Dress in formal attire and everything you wear should look neat, clean, and pressed. Men often wear suits and women wear a suit or appropriate business-attire. If you are to speak in the courtroom, speak loudly, slowly, and clearly. This ensures the court reporter has time to copy what you are saying. Always address the judge “Your Honor,” to show your respect for the court. Do not talk over your attorney or try to argue with the judge. Your attorney will guide you through the proceeding and answer your questions along the way.

Witnesses & Court Guests

Court proceedings are open to the public. Any adult family members, friends, or religious support persons are allowed to sit and watch the proceedings. If someone is a witness, they must leave the courtroom until it is their time to speak. They can sit outside the courtroom and wait with a book or magazine. Do not bring children, they will not be allowed within the courtroom. In rare occasions, the judge may interview children in family law proceedings, but those are in very specific instances.

Alternative Options

There are other options than duking it out in court. Parties can opt into alternative resolution methods such as mediation. A mediator can assist you in creating an agreement without all the stress of a court proceeding. Ask your attorney for more information regarding alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation.

For more information about family court proceedings, contact your family law attorney at Lucé Law. Call (972) 632-1300 to schedule your consultation.

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