What You Need to Know About Texas Gun Laws

Texas gun lawsTexas gun laws are extensive, and, in many instances, confusing. There are laws that pertain to licensing of a firearm, how you can buy one, where you can carry it and many more. Texas is known to be a state that is friendly toward firearm owners, but you still need to be aware of the laws if you decide to purchase one. Here are just some of the things you’ll need to know.

How Texas Gun Laws Govern Firearm Purchases

You can buy a shotgun or rifle, as well as ammunition and certain components without having to wait. However, you are prohibited from renting, loaning, giving or selling a firearm if you know the person will use it for unlawful purposes. You can’t give, loan, rent a sell to a minor or to someone who is intoxicated.


If you haven’t been convicted of a criminal offense, then you typically won’t need to apply for a license in order to buy a weapon. However, if you’ve been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor involving a family or household disturbance, you will likely have to meet several requirements in order to obtain a firearm. There are also specific policies regarding carrying a gun. In most cases, you can’t carry a handgun outside of your home, but you can carry a rifle or a shotgun in public as long as you don’t do so in a threatening fashion.

Concealed Handgun License

If you are interested in carrying a concealed handgun, Texas gun laws require you to apply for a license. You must have this license on you if you are carrying a gun, and be able to present that license to a law enforcement official. But even if you have a license, you will be prohibited from carrying a concealed weapon in many circumstances. You can’t, for example, carry a concealed gun if you are intoxicated, in a church, at a hospital or amusement park, at a polling place on election day and several other places.

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