What Should I Look For in Hiring a Divorce Lawyer?

what should i look for in hiring a divorce lawyeris one of the most difficult times you may ever have in your life. It is a loss of your marriage
that causes very real grieving over your relationship. Finding the perfect divorce attorney to help you through this stressful and emotional process is key. But trying to sort through the thousands of lawyers out there can be overwhelming. Here are a few things you should look for in a divorce attorney.

Balance of Understanding and Aggressive Advocacy

A divorce doesn’t always mean just a split of assets; it can also mean a split of your child’s time. You need a strong-willed advocate that will fight on your behalf to get what is fair. At the same time, you need an attorney that is willing to sit down and explain to you what is going on, and let you explain your particular feelings about a subject. You need an attorney who understands the very personal elements of divorce and is respectful of your emotions. Finding this balance in many logically-minded attorneys is hard but not impossible.

Skilled Negotiator

During your divorce, your attorney will be speaking to your spouse or your spouse’s attorney if they are represented. There is a constant negotiation back and forth about the terms that will inevitably be put into a final settlement agreement. It is important that your divorce attorney is skilled in negotiation and mediation tactics to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Thorough Understanding of the Court System

You want an attorney who knows your local court system. Experienced divorce attorneys get to know the judges and opposing attorneys. This helps them predict how a particular matter will go or what tactics or strategies to use.

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