What Needs to Be on Your Divorce Checklist

Divorce Checklist AttorneyWhen you are getting divorced, you have a lot to think about. Sometimes it is easier to simply make a divorce checklist so you can ensure that you cover all your bases. But there is so much to cover, what should you have on your divorce checklist? The Lucé Law Firm can assist you in creating your own list to help you prepare for divorce.

Gather Financial Documents

One of the requirements of a divorce is that you must disclose all your finances to the other side. You can prepare by finding all your credit card statements, bank account statements, 401k, IRA and pension summaries. You will also need past tax records and any other important financial information that may pertain to you. Place them in a safe place and keep them current.

Discuss Co-Parenting

If you and your soon-to-be-ex have children together, you will want to discuss a plan regarding co-parenting. Some couples cannot seem to discuss anything without conflict. If you find that you can not talk over a co-parenting plan with your spouse amicably, you can always discuss your desires with an attorney and have them be communicated through legal channels.

Think About Assets

Dividing up your assets is one of the most conflict-inducing parts of a divorce. With a bit of planning ahead of time, you can assess what is most important to you. Go through your items and write down a brief description and its fair market value. Fair market value is determined by figuring out what you would be able to sell it for currently, not the price of the item when you bought it. Think about the item’s importance to you ahead of time. Items that are more sentimental may be worth fighting for while other items you could part with.

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