What Constitutes Intellectual Property?

Intellectual PropertyBuying a new microwave oven or a wheelbarrow makes you the owner, and anyone who takes something that belongs to you without permission is probably stealing. Your ideas are your property too, and anything that you make with your creative talents belongs solely to you. Intellectual property laws protect you against theft of your original inventions. When someone claims ownership of something that you created with your mind, you have a right to object. The attorneys at Lucé Evans Law specialize in helping you exercise your rights to your intellectual property.

Creating Something from Nothing

When you studied math in school, you may remember that your teacher wanted to see how you arrived at an answer to a problem. Having the correct answer was important, but it was not as important as showing your work. Someone who takes your ideas cannot show how they were developed, and claiming the end result of your work does not give another person the right to own it.

Protecting Your Original Ideas

Creativity is a special talent that helps make you who you are. Not everyone can write a poem or a song, design a logo or a computer game, invent a new tool or develop an innovation to an electrical device. While it may annoy you when someone claims your idea, you have a right to more than an apology. Business law gives you the right to protect the ownership of your innovative designs and concepts. Registering a copyright, a trademark or a patent requires exceptional legal knowledge and skill, and the attorneys at Lucé Evans Law can use legal methods to help you protect your rights.

Knowing When to Seek Legal Representation

Your intellectual invention is protected when you take legal steps as recommended by a McKinney attorney. Establishing your rights to your intellectual property is a complicated matter that your attorney can lead you through, and you need to initiate the procedure as soon as possible. You can talk to an intellectual property lawyer for free at Lucé Evans Law. Call 972-632-1300 today to set an appointment to start protecting your valuable ideas.