Understanding Texas Employment Law

Employment Law TexasLucé Evans Law can tell you, many of these obstacles may be placed in your path inappropriately.

Simply put, employment law is a complicated field and the occurrence of wrongful termination is all too frequent.

Part of the reason why employment law is so complicated—and why consulting a McKinney business attorney such as Attorney Joe Lucé is a good idea—is because some rules and regulations depend on your particular job. Whether you’re an independent contractor in the energy industry or a contract worker at a state university, you do have rights—they just may be different than those of someone else. For this reason, you may find disputes involving employment, such as issues of wrongful termination, to be confusing. When in doubt, consult an attorney to help you sort through the issues.

Texas does have a comprehensive Labor Code, but unfortunately, not all employers comply with it. The Labor Code covers issues such as employment discrimination, Texas payday rules, and minimum wage. But that code is not the only law that controls work within the state. Texas employers are also subject to certain provisions of federal law, including the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and Civil Rights Act of 1991. Certain rules and restrictions also apply to certain industries and positions based on potential safety concerns.

Texas employment regulation is a vast field that covers a broad variety of complicated issues. When it comes to rights that affect your livelihood, it’s best not to try to struggle through the system by yourself. Instead, consult an attorney at Lucé Evans Law by calling the firm at 972-562-9700 and asking about your rights as an employee.