Tips for Child Custody and Summer Break

Child Custody AttorneyWhen school is out, custody arrangements often change. There our summer vacations, road trips, and other arrangements that are made that disrupt the normal day today routine. Summer can be a stressful time for co-parents. Here are a few tips to have the summer go smoothly with your custody.

Communicate Effectively

Summer throws peoples routines completely off. Without the strict schedule of school, plans may be more difficult to manage. If you and your co-parent find it hard to speak to each other effectively, you may want to try it other nonverbal methods to communicate your schedule. One of the most common ways is to create a shared calendar on Google in which you post any activities the child has going on, so that the other parent can see and plan ahead. There is specific co-parenting software applications such as, our family wizard that can help.

Plan Ahead

If you are planning a vacation in which you would like to bring your child, make sure to plan this ahead and inform the other parent of your plans. Check your custody agreement for any specific terms that must be conformed to. Write down where you will be going, the duration of the trip, phone numbers, and the best way to reach you. The other parent will much appreciate this information and respect that you have thought of these things in advance.

Communicate Changes

Summer is often a time of change. If you have had a substantial change in your circumstances, and need a custody or support modification, make sure to communicate this to your attorney. Your attorney will be able to make arrangements to request a modification of your custody. Bring your current schedule and any other important documents relating to your request.

If you have any questions or concerns about your custody arrangement this summer, call Luce Law at 972-632-1300.