The Potential Benefits of a Wrongful Death Suit

You are likely familiar with the concept of a wrongful death suit. When a person dies or is killed due to someone else’s misconduct, the surviving members of that person’s family is able to then sue for “wrongful death”. Many wrongful death suits occur after a criminal trial for murder. A suit for wrongful death is only able to be brought by the representative(s) of the deceased person’s estate. In addition, each individual state has a specific set of rules that govern wrongful death claims.

So, what are some of the potential benefits of a wrongful death suit? First, it’s important to understand the system of damages. Damages in a wrongful death case typically fall into two categories. The first category permits recovery of damages that were experienced by the deceased from the moment of the negligent act until the time of death. The second category has to do with losses experienced by the next of kin after the deceased person’s death.

A court will look into several different factors when determining what damages to award, and to whom. Broadly speaking, though, wrongful death suits can be awarded to spouses, children, and parents of the deceased. Courts may even award punitive damages to surviving family members, depending on the exact circumstances of the deceased’s death. Thus, there are ample opportunities for potential benefits when it comes to a wrongful death suit.

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