The Most Important Things to Know About Child Support

Most Important Things About Child SupportThere are many myths and truths about child support. It is important to recognize that child support is for your child, and your child needs you to act on his or her behalf. At Luce Law, we understand how challenging child custody disputes can be. We also understand the importance of acting quickly. You want what is best for your child, and we are here to make sure you have the support you need to make all of the right decisions.

Truth: People Actually Pay

One of the biggest misconceptions is that seeking child support is a waste of time. In fact, more than $220 billion is exchanged every year in the United States alone. You can help your child get the funds he or she needs to thrive. Additionally, parents can often develop a parenting agreement that outlines specific terms. Your attorney can help point out things you might not have thought of and draft the agreement for you.

Truth: Everything Is NOT Finalized After Your Divorce

Child custody and support are rarely finalized after your divorce is. Modifications to existing plans are frequently made, and one of our experienced attorneys can help you understand all of your options. You might be able to change arrangements based on job status, a change in income, or a change in marital status years after your divorce.

Truth: Get Expert Help Before Trying to Get a Modification

Modifications to existing arrangements can be challenging, especially when both parents do not agree to new terms. It is important to have an expert on your side before you make any decisions or approach your ex about a modification. Often, modifications are necessary. Speed up the process by having one of our attorneys act as your advocate.

Work With Expert Family Attorneys

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