The Importance of Updating Your Living Will

Living WillMaking detailed plans for the end of life with a living will is a task that almost no one wants to do, but it is one of the kindest acts that anyone can do for a family. You probably have one in your files, and now is a good time to update it. The attorneys at Lucé Evans Law can review it with you and make any changes that you deem appropriate.

Updating Your Preferences

Your relatives rely on your instructions as to the kind of health treatment you desire in your final days. Most living wills contain a provision for power of attorney that designates the person you want to act on your behalf.

Changes in your family may make your instructions out of date, and only you can update the information. Without a legal change to the document that names the person you designate to act for you, no one has the authority to make decisions on your behalf. As long as you are able to make decisions for yourself, the written provisions are on hold until you need them.

Understanding Reasons to Update Your Living Will

A major consideration for most people is the matter of electing or refusing extraordinary measures that can extend life. Factors that can help you make decisions about updating a will include:

  • a diagnosis of a terminal illness
  • availability of new medical technology
  • relocating to another state
  • a change in wishes about care at the end of your life
  • the availability of funds to meet extended medical care costs

Making Final Arrangements

Health care facilities continue to improve as the population ages, and medical technology offers the highest quality of care. Extraordinary measures are available to extend your life if you approve them, including restarting your heart. Authorities at medical facilities comply precisely with the instructions in your most recent will, especially those that affect the end of your life, including DNR orders.

How to Change Your Will

Discussing your options with an attorney can help you make decisions that are sometimes difficult to face. Call the offices of Lucé Evans Law at 972-632-1300 to schedule a free initial consultation with a McKinney family attorney and talk about your wishes for your will.