Texas Car Accident Statistics That May Surprise You

Car Accident StatisticsUnfortunately, car crashes occur in Texas all the time. If the people involved are lucky, they emerge from these unscathed; in many instances, however, these collisions result in serious injuries and deaths. Here at Lucé Law, we see firsthand how devastating these situations can be for the victims and their families. Below are a few car accident statistics about fatal and non-fatal injuries that help to illustrate the severity of car crashes.


Texas’s 2012 car accident statistics reveal a number of surprising and tragic details about fatalities on our state’s roads:

  • There were 3,399 traffic-related deaths—a 9.3 percent increase from the previous year
  • One fatality occurred approximately every 2.5 hours
  • Over half of these deaths were in rural areas, not cities
  • The state did not go a single day without a traffic-related fatality
  • On the deadliest day of the year, 28 people were killed
  • Pedestrian and pedacyclist fatalities increased by 13.2 percent and 19.1 percent, respectively

Non-Fatal Injuries

There is also a good deal to be said about serious but non-fatal injuries in 2012:

  • Car accidents resulted in injuries for 230,506 people; 87,087 of these individuals’ injures were considered serious
  • The rate of occurrence for traffic-related injuries was once every two minutes
  • On average, a car crash was reported every 75 seconds

Driving Under the Influence Statistics

As is commonly the case, negligent DUI drivers were involved in a large portion of traffic accidents, some of which had tragic results. Drivers who were operating vehicles while intoxicated were involved in 32.3 percent of all crashes that led to fatalities.

As illustrated with the above car accident statistics, traffic collisions can lead to serious consequences. When car crashes result in injuries or fatalities, the victims and their family members have the right to sue any negligent parties who caused the accidents. If you are looking for a McKinney lawyer to file such a civil claim, contact Lucé Law at 972-632-1300.