Protect Your Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual PropertyIntellectual property law involves the exclusive rights people are given for things they have created, including discoveries and inventions, musical and literary works and logos and phrases. The intellectual property rights attorneys at Lucé Evans Law are some of the best in the business and can take care of your unique needs. We are able to assist you in the following intellectual property law categories:


A copyright is an exclusive legal right granted to the creator of an original work to print, publish, record or perform the work and authorize people of their choosing to do the same. They allow artists to financially benefit from their work and provide protections so others cannot do the same. Copyrights are typically enforceable for a limited period of time.


A McKinney attorney can also advise clients on trademark issues. A trademark is a sign, design or expression that differentiates products or services between different providers. Trademark can be displayed on products, labels and company buildings. The owner of the trademark can be a person, business or legal entity.


A patent is another form of intellectual property. They are given to inventions and can be a product, process or the solution to a problem. Patents are granted for a specific period on time. They are an important part of intellectual property rights.

Copyrights, trademarks and patents are all part of intellectual property rights. The experienced intellectual property attorneys at Lucé Evans Law can help you with all your legal needs. Contact us at 972-632-1300 for more information.