Protect Your Child’s Interests With Paternity Testing

Paternity TestingIf your family is in a situation that mandates paternity testing, you may be feeling stressed or anxious. Waiting for results can be an emotional time. At Lucé Evans Law, our attorneys know how to help a family through the process. There are many reasons a family should consider looking into establishing paternity.

Why Push For Paternity Testing?

A McKinney lawyer can help explain the circumstances in which genetic testing is required or beneficial for the family. There are a few main situations that may require paternity testing. For example, if a mother has used surrogacy, there may be some concerns about ensuring whom the father of the child is. Additionally, sometimes testing is required to secure financial benefits for a child.

Benefits of Genetic Testing

There are many advantages to establishing the child’s father, including having an understanding of the child’s genetic background. If there are any major medical conditions that run in the family, it may be helpful to identify and understand how they may pertain to your child. In addition, identifying the father can make the child eligible for a number of financial benefits. Depending on the father’s situation, a child may receive social security benefits, veteran’s benefits and inheritance benefits.

The attorneys at Lucé Evans Law can provide a free initial consultation for families struggling with paternity issues. We understand how the law applies to your situation, and we can help you secure your child’s future through paternity testing. Call us at 972-632-1300 to schedule your visit today.

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