Planning Your Estate for the New Year

Estate Planning AttorneyEstate planning is not a scary thing to do when you take it one step at a time. The thought of doing it may tend to put you off when you think about the long term. Entering a new year is the time to face the music and talk to an attorney at Lucé Law, PC, about your future.

Planning your estate is just a matter of putting your financial affairs in order, and the start of a new year may give you the motivation to do it. True, it does involve making a will, a healthcare directive, and decisions that are designed to carry out your wishes. Much of it relates to events that occur during your lifetime.

Setting Aside Common Misconceptions

You may assume that you do not need an estate plan unless you are wealthy. A person who has accumulated great wealth in a lifetime may require a more complicated plan than one who has earned less, but everyone needs a plan. Young people need one also.

No matter how much you own, you probably do not want to subject it to federal and state death taxes. Wills and trusts give you a way to keep your family’s business in the family and not in the courts. An orderly process of transferring your property and possessions to your heirs is a gesture of love and genuine concern for their well being.

Purpose of Meeting with an Attorney

Estate planning is a major practice at Lucé Law, and the attorneys are highly experienced in the field.

A consultation usually includes these areas:

  • a conversation about your personal goals
  • a discussion of related family matters
  • a detailed analysis of your financial position

With the pertinent information in hand, your McKinney attorney prepares documents for your signature. As changes occur in your life or financial position, you can review the documents with Lucé Law and make any changes that you think are necessary.

Make a resolution to start the new year with a commitment to make an estate plan. Call Lucé Law, PC, at 972-632-1300 to take care of your estate.