North Dallas Winter Weather: Be Prepared for Other Drivers

North Dallas Winter WeatherWhen winter weather hits, it usually ends up a disaster for everyone on the road. Car accident numbers soar when ice, rain, and cold dark nights hit North Dallas. There are some things that you can do to prepare yourself for potentially negligent drivers. Lucé Law always wants our clients to be as safe as possible. Here are a few things you can do to prepare for other drivers in North Dallas.

Stay Aware and Alert

Have you ever gotten in your car, started the engine, zoned out, and then arrived at your destination with little memory of the drive? It is a common issue, particularly with early or late morning drivers. However, with North Dallas winter weather, the road is more dangerous. You need to do whatever is necessary to stay awake and alert while driving. Here are some simple steps:

  • Get enough sleep before driving
  • Drink caffeine
  • If you are tired, pull over
  • Put away all distractions
  • Do not use your phone while driving

By following those steps, you will be much more alert to any other drivers who are driving dangerously.

Don’t Drive During Peak Accident Hours

Most fatal car accidents occur late at night and very early in the morning on weekends. This is usually due to the increase of drunk drivers on the road. If you can, try not to be on the road during these peak times. If you are unable to stay off the road, be extra vigilant in watching other drivers and keeping your distance.

Check Your Tires

If you come across a negligent driver, you will want the ability to move out of the way quickly. On slick winter roads, this means having tires with good tread. Before heading out on the road, check your tire for wear and tear. Ensure you have the right amount of air pressure before driving.

If you have been involved in a car accident this winter, contact the Lucé Law Firm today. Call 972-632-1300 to schedule your initial consultation.