Lucé Evans Law Helps People to Better Understand the New Healthcare Insurance Law in McKinney

Healthcare Insurance Law McKinney, TXWhen it comes to better understanding the new healthcare insurance law in McKinney, you cannot beat the trusted service of Lucé Evans Law.  Our law firm understands the complex and shifting landscape of healthcare regulations and legal ramifications of day to day business operations.  We can provide healthcare professionals and other healthcare agencies with the experienced legal counsel they need to succeed in healthcare insurance law.

A New Poll Shows Great Confusion about New Health Insurance Laws

A new USA TODAY/Pew Research Center Poll shows that great misinformation and confusion still exists about the new Affordable Care Act.  Of the 19% polled who are uninsured, almost 4 in 10 do not realize that the new law requires them to obtain health insurance next hear.  Young people who were polled seem to have the most difficult time understanding the new healthcare insurance law, with only 56% of them realizing that there will soon be a mandate to be insured.  States that are setting up their own healthcare exchanges seem to have a better knowledge about the law than those states that do not have their own exchange program.  Marketplaces for the uninsured are set to open for enrollment on October 1st, and people need a place to turn to in order to better understand how the new law will affect them.

Exceptional Healthcare Law Attorneys

Here at Lucé Evans Law, we provide exceptional healthcare law guidance and council to help you understand the new healthcare regulations that affect you and your business.  For more information about the services provided by Lucé Evans Law, give us a call at 972-632-1300.

Source: USA TODAY, “The Affordable Care Act: Still a Tough Sell,” Susan Page, September 16, 2013