Intellectual Property: What It Is and How to Protect It

intellectual propertyYou’ve likely heard the tern ‘intellectual property’, but do you know what it means? Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind. These could include everything from artistic and literary works, to inventions, to various symbols and names. Intellectual property is protected by patents and copyrights, which enable people to earn recognition (and gain financial benefits) rom what they have created. Innovators, artists, business owners, and other creative types could all stand to benefit from knowing what intellectual property is, and how to protect it.

To help you gain a further look into the world of intellectual property, here are some pertinent examples.

  • Artists who are granted copyrights on their literary, musical, or artistic creations.
  • Business owners who are granted exclusive rights on the use of their business’s trademarks.
  • Innovators who are granted protection for their patents, trade secrets, industrial design, and confidential information.

Protecting your creations and assets is key. Typically, there are three major ways that you can do this: trademarks, copyrights, and patents. A copyright applies to a written document, a patent applies to a product design, and a trademark applies to a name or phrase. Enlisting the help of specialized attorneys in the area of intellectual property is crucial! This way, you can ensure that you retain the exclusive right to copy and modify your work, and distribute it. The world of intellectual property can be confusing, since there is more than one way to protect an idea, concept, or creation. That is why it’s so important to communicate with a legal expert that has sufficient experience in the field of intellectual property.

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