How to Tell Children About Divorce

Child Custody Attorney McKinney TXWhen you are getting a divorce, it can be difficult on the entire family. It can be difficult to explain to your children what is going on, particularly with the holidays coming up. Here are some methods on how to tell your children about divorce. If you have questions about divorce yourself, make sure to contact us at Lucé Law. We are happy to assist you.

Pick a Neutral Day

You do not want to tell your children about your divorce on a day that has special meaning. Avoid the immediate days around Thanksgiving or Christmas. Choose a neutral day to discuss your divorce.

Be Age Appropriate

Discuss the divorce in an age appropriate fashion. If your child is much younger, you may want to explain that you and the other parent both love them very much but you have to live in different houses. If you have older children, discussing the divorce in a more direct manner would be beneficial to helping them cope.

Create a Calendar

As a family, create a calendar that details the visitation schedule ordered by the court. You can make this a fun craft that also serves as a visual representation to help them understand the visitation process. It is an easy tool to refer to if your child asks when they can see the other parent.

Keep Open Communication

One fear that children have during a divorce is that they will not be able to talk or see the other parent. Ensure to keep open communication between the children and both parents. Allow the children reasonable communication with the other parent when they ask.

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