How to Collect Money From a Will

How to Collect Money from a WillWhen a loved one has died, you are likely struck with grief. After the initial shock and mourning has occurred, you have to start addressing the legal aspects of death. Part of that process is reading your loved one’s will. While no amount of money will ever replace your family or friend but some financial support can assist you in moving forward in your life.

Look at the Documents

Before a representative can be appointed to divide the estate, you have to look at your loved one’s documents. This can include their Last Will and Testament, funeral instructions, and any important financial documents that you may need.

Appoint a Representative

When going through the probate court, the court must appoint an agent to divide the estate. Sometimes there is a person your loved one had in mind. Otherwise, the court can appoint someone qualified.

Pay Taxes

After you determine what assets your loved one had, you must pay final bills, taxes, and any debtors that may have claims to certain parts of the estate. If you have any problems distributing the estate, you can discuss the issue with your estate planning attorney.

Distribute the Estate

After all the bills have been paid, you can distribute the amount in the will to the beneficiaries. If you believe that you have not received the full amount you are entitled to, you need to talk to an attorney as soon as possible. Sometimes this process can take several months or even years depending on the particular circumstances in the will.

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