How Custody Influences Child Support Judgments

If you’re in the throes of dealing with a child support arrangement, it’s crucial to understand how custody can influence the amount of child support that is required. Why? In short, because there is a direct link between child support and the different forms of child custody. Thus, knowing the ins and outs of the relationship between custody and child support will help you build you legal case.

The specific amount of child support is determined according to the Federal Child Support Act. The parameters of child support that are taken into consideration include: the custodial parent’s income, the exact cost of the child’s needs, and the non-custodial parent’s income. The court then makes a decision based on the total cost of raising the child versus each parent’s income and financial resources.

This does not mean that custody of the child is awarded to the parent with the highest income, though. That is because there are many other factors that are taken into consideration that have nothing to do with income level.

In short, the court sets a total cost for the raising the child and then divides this liability between the two parents based on their specific set of resources and income. Child support and custody are inextricably linked in this way. Together, they are intended to give the child in question the maximum chance to succeed in life.

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