How to Get Free Custody Help for Mothers

Get Free Custody Help for MothersIt’s not easy raising a child, but doing it alone is beyond difficult. When a mother and father bring a child into the world, they both have a responsibility to take care of the child. All too often, a father will leave and try to wipe his hands clean of responsibility. Many single mothers don’t have the money to hire an attorney, but there are other alternatives.

Facilitator’s Office

Many family courts provide free help for people with low incomes. Visit the local facilitator’s office to gather necessary documentation to file for child custody and support. Often there is someone there that will help you to fill out the forms correctly and give you instructions on how to file. The people in the office are just there to help with paperwork and will not come with you to court.

Pro Bono Lawyer

Call your local bar association for a list of attorneys that provide free or low cost legal help. They will be able to match you with lawyers who have family law experience but are willing to take on a case for little or no payment.

Legal Aid

Most communities have a legal aid organization that has a team of attorneys and law students that will be able to help you. Check your local court website for a link to the closest legal aid office near you. There often is additional help for those who are victims of domestic violence.

Free Consultation

You can also call a certified attorney for a free consultation. An experienced attorney will be able to give you a game plan on how best to file for custody and support.

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