Does Your Insurance Cover the Unexpected?

Insurance Cover the UnexpectedHaving insurance can provide you with peace of mind, whether you’re an individual worried about flooding or a business concerned about premises liability. And in the interest of promoting the possibility of ensuring those who experience both accidental and intentional misfortunes, public policy has encouraged the mandate of insurance coverage for certain types of businesses. From car accident injuries to medical malpractice, insurance is everywhere, and in many cases, it offers an alternative to grave injustice to victims. But as an experienced McKinney attorney such as those at Lucé Law know, insurance is often the cause of much litigation.

Although insurance should, in an ideal world, offer a way around litigation, in all too many cases it actually ends up becoming the subject of hotly contested legal battles. Much of the litigation involving insurance focuses on what exactly is covered by insurance. Since the terms of insurance policies tend to consist of stacks of paper covered in fine print, it can be difficult to understand the full extent of insurance coverage. As a result, you may find that in your moment of need, your insurance company may argue that your claim falls outside your plan’s coverage.

To avoid nasty surprises, it’s best to meet with a knowledgeable, experienced law firm when choosing between different insurance policies. The attorneys at Lucé Law have insight into what makes a good insurance policy and what you should seek to avoid thanks to their years of experience in litigation and arbitration. One of their attorneys can advise you on what kind of insurance your business needs to carry as required by law as well as what different options you have if you wish to carry more than the statutory minimum.

If you already have an insurance policy, it’s not too late to gain insight into what you can expect in the unfortunate event of a claim against your policy. If you’re not quite sure what you signed, an attorney from Lucé Law can help you review the legal language in your contracts and coverage documents. If you have an insurance question—whether it’s about policies generally or regarding potential litigation—call the law firm for a free consultation at 972-632-1300.