Do You Need a Divorce Attorney?


Divorce AttorneyYou need to plan ahead when getting a divorce. At Luce Law, we understand that your future and your children’s future often depends on making the right decisions early on in divorce proceedings. Often, simply asking for a divorce in a nice way is not the best plan. Work with an experienced divorce attorney before you say or do anything you might regret later on. You need an action plan that will work.

Step #1: Break the News to Your Spouse at the Right Time

It is almost always a good idea to have a plan before telling your spouse that you want a divorce. Consult with an experienced divorce attorney, and talk openly about important things. Figure out where you will live and how you will stay safe. Additionally, it is important to learn about challenges associated with child custody and how you will address them.

Step #2: Have a Parenting Plan Ready

Parenting during divorce proceedings can be challenging. Develop a plan with your attorney that will work for you and your children during difficult times. Also, find out if there is a way to work with your ex to best care for your children.

Step #3: Figure Out Future Finances With an Attorney

Thinking about finances in the early stages of a divorce might seem trivial, but the right plan can make a world of difference. Let your divorce attorney give expert advice on how much child support you will need to create a good life for yourself and your children. Have everything sorted out, and have an attorney who will only act on your behalf.

Divorce Is Difficult, We Are Here to Help

At Luce Law, we know that divorce is rarely easy. Contact us at 972-346-5170, and get the expert advice you need before you make important decisions about your divorce.