Divorced Fathers and Family Law: a Fair Game?

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Divorce is something no one ever expects when they first get married. Things are going great, everyone is happy, and the couple is building a better life. You have a home, children, new cars, and a bit of debt from purchasing items together. A lot is at stake when divorce is put on the table. Unfortunately, it seems like the father of the family often gets the short end of the straw in the divorce.

Custody Battles

As a father, you took your time learning how to braid hair, change diapers when the children were young, and provide for the entire family by working tirelessly. During the custody battle, however, those simple facts go out the door. Most courts want to leave the children with the mother, assuming the child needs her more than they need the father while growing up, which is an unfortunate precedent.

The father needs stability in order to acquire custody of the children during the divorce process. This means you must remain employed, for starters. Do not leave the job you are at unless there is a very good reason to do so. A judge wants to ensure you, as the father, can support the children.

Seek a Professional

Chances are you have probably read the statistics that reveal men usually get the short end in the divorce process. A lawyer will argue that the father is a deadbeat or cannot provide the same level of nurturing as the mother. Before ever stepping foot into a courtroom, you should have your own professional lawyer who specializes in family law to back you up.

Without the care and attention of a professional, you may end up owing more money to your former spouse.

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