Can I Keep My Child Away From My Spouse?

Solutions For Fighting Parentscustody. Although co-parenting can be incredibly difficult, it is always best for your child to have contact with both you and your former spouse. Below are a few guidelines when it comes to co-parenting in a post-divorce environment.

When To Worry About Your Child

If you know that the child is being exposed to drugs, violence, or abuse, then you need to contact your attorney immediately. You can request an emergency hearing so that you can take custody over the children to prevent them from harm. However, if you just don’t get along with your spouse, the court will consider custody normally.

Solutions For Fighting Parents

There are ways in which you can still co-parent but limit contact to prevent fights in front of the children. You can work a no-contact trade off such as one parent dropping the child off at a daycare, and the other picking them up. You can arrange a shared google calendar to communicate school and sports events. There are software packages that aim to assist in co-parenting by limiting harmful contact such as Our Family Wizard and Share Kids. Some families find it beneficial. It is always preferable if both individuals work together to co-parent their children. Working together not only helps improve the difficult transition for the children. While it may be difficult at times, a peaceful environment is in your child’s best interest and is key to sorting out the best custody arrangement.

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