Back to School? What Education Law Includes

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Public schools are governed by complex federal and state laws. Adhering to these regulations is crucial, albeit sometimes confusing. Even at first glance, education law is complicated. It’s difficult to master, and you’re likely to require a lawyer. Firstly, each state requires a public-school system. As such, public schools are run via auspices of the state constitution, the U.S. Constitution, federal and state laws and regulations, and via state agencies. A lot goes into schooling. The same can be said for education law.


Every school needs students. There are specific laws governing attendance, admission, transportation, health, safety, conduct, discipline, and more. At a federal level, laws that include Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex. These laws grant both girls and boys the right to play on athletic teams and to have teams for their respective gender.

Furthermore, equal protection and due process are granted to students by the Fourteenth Amendment, which prohibits sex-based rules denying students the opportunity to participate in activities. Claims of sexual harassment or discrimination are taken very seriously in school environments.


The public-school system is built on labor and management. Employees, including teachers, janitorial staff, and lunch staff help ensure the entire system functions properly. Specialized knowledge is a requirement of the teaching staff. Without the appropriate experience or certifications, the hiring process is not able to move forward.

Furthermore, schools are caught in a cycle of public funding and budgeting. The financial portion of schooling is governed by the state; attorneys specializing in education law must understand how this arena functions.

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