5 Steps Following a Breach of Contract

Breach of Contract McKinney,TXAt Luce Law, we know that a breach of contract can seem like a confusing and stressful situation. With our five key steps, however, you can ensure that you get the protection you deserve.

1. Check the Statute of Limitations

You can only sue for a breach of contract if you are within the statute of limitations. Even if you are eligible to file suit, you will have limited time to act, so get started as quickly as possible.

2. Assess the Damages

Add up any relevant damages,including wages or profits lost due to the breach of contract. Make sure that you understand the original contract fully, and that the damages you cite relate directly to the breach.

3. Try Mediation

Consult with the experts at Luce Law to determine whether you can resolve the breach of contract with mediation services. If appropriate, our attorneys will help you prepare a compromise with the other party.

4. Prepare a Complaint

In some cases, you will need to issue a formal complaint stating a breach of contract. If necessary, the team at Luce Law can help you write an appropriate complaint for your case.

5. Get Ready for a Hearing

The experts at Luce Law have extensive experience with breach of contract hearings. When we represent you in a breach of contract case, we will work hard to secure the best possible outcome from your hearing, which will draw on all evidence related to your complaint.

While breach of contract suits can seem tough to navigate, our five simple steps will help you put together and resolve your case with ease. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Luce Law today.