5 Reasons to Pursue Child Support Recovery

what percentage of my income will go towards child support

During a divorce, children are often caught in the middle of two loving parents. They’re often a topic that is brought up throughout the process. In fact, child support is usually a topic on everyone’s mind, and it’s one that needs to be discussed. Who will pay child support, how much they will pay, and how these payments are used are thoughts parents most likely have. Though the question often makes us feel uneasy or stressed. If an agreement is reached, yet the parent fails to provide child support, recovery may be an option.

Support Their Upbringing

Raising a child is expensive, whether the parents are together or separated. Child support payments are a method designed to ensure parents may support their children financially. The court will determine which parent(s) will pay child support, how much, and the intricate details.

Prevent Future Issues

There is a sense of uncertainty to raising a child. As of now, there is no telling how they will turn out, or what may occur. Having some form of financial security ensures either parent may see to future issues when they happen.

Medical Costs

A single accident could lead to an ER visit. As you know, the hospital is not a cheap place, and neither is medical care overall. It requires money and stability, both of which the child will require while on the mend.


While most schooling is taken out of taxes, private tuition, tutors, and even college require hefty sums. A single parent is typically incapable of providing the financial means for higher education.


Children don’t fully understand the ways of the world. Their outlook is typically more focused – toys, games, friends, and school. Offering them a level of comfort to just be children and grow is crucial.

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