4 Things to Expect in Divorce Court

When you are going through a divorce, the idea of standing in front of a judge can seem quite intimidating. Divorce 4 Things Expect Divorce Courtcourt is a lot different than criminal court. There are no juries, and while there are trials, they are a bit different than those you see on TV. Lucé Law always wants our clients to be prepared when they walk into court. Here are a few things you can expect in divorce court.

1. Lots of People Will Be in the Courtroom

You will be surprised at just how many people may be in the courtroom when it is your turn for your case to be heard. There are court reporters, bailiffs, aids, as well as other people waiting for their case. This may make you nervous or embarrassed, but don’t be. Everyone is there for a family law issue and odds are, you will never see them again.

2. You Need to Be Respectful

While divorce can bring out the worst in people, it is crucial that you remain calm and respectful while in divorce court. Address the judge as “Your honor” and do not talk to your spouse during proceedings. Your attorney should help guide you on what to do if you are to answer questions or speak to the judge.

3. You Will Hear Lots of Complex Terms

While in divorce court with your attorney, you may hear a lot of words that don’t quite make sense. Your attorney can help explain the legal procedure, confusing legal terms, and how it applies to your case.

4. Your Case May Last Longer Than You Expect

Divorce is a complex process that may take longer than you think. Some divorces that don’t involve large assets or child custody can be completed rather quickly. If you and your spouse don’t agree on large issues, the time to complete your divorce may lengthen. Talk to your attorney about the issues in your case that may take awhile to resolve.

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