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About Lucé Evans Law – Our McKinney Law Firm

At Lucé Evans Law, we are committed to serving our Texas communities, families and businesses. We offer a wide range of services, including general law, family law and business law. Our experienced team has a track record of winning cases for clients in many different areas, from business mergers to divorce to personal injury. You can trust that the dedicated attorneys at Lucé Evans Law will fight for the best outcome on your behalf, no matter the size or nature of your case. Unlike some other attorneys out there, we put the highest priority on your privacy. We will never go public with cases and refuse to compromise on confidentiality. With a broad range of experience, you can trust that our attorneys can help you with whatever legal issue you are facing.

General Law

From civil litigation to a wrongful death in your family, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience necessary to help with any general law case. If you’re worried about filing your case or claim in time, let us help you navigate the process. We work hard to help your case move along while you get your life back to normal. We offer services in areas such as:

Family Law

We know legal matters concerning family situations can be difficult. Whether you’re trying to navigate an adoption or filing for divorce, you can trust that our lawyers will handle your case with the utmost care and attention. The Lucé Evans Law team is ready to help you with many areas of family law, including:

Business Law

Whether you’re starting a company, merging or acquiring another business, or dealing with labor, employment, healthcare and education, our lawyers are ready to assist. Contact Lucé Evans Law for high-quality help in the following business law areas: